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Welcome to The Nerd Garage

Hello and welcome to The Nerd Garage! The Nerd Garage was started early 2017, after many years of telling myself I should properly document things like car builds, the HomeLab and all other projects in

Sorry for my absence 1

Sorry for my absence

Sorry, I know it’s been over a year since my last blog post and that is very disappointing for me, when I first started The Nerd Garage it was intended to be a home of


The Nerd Garage is the first Ripe Atlas Anchor in WA

As the title suggests, The Nerd Garage is the First RIPE Atlas Anchor in WA (Western Australia). The best part? Well, this Anchor has been sponsored by RIPE! After building my Home Server Room and

Welder on DIY Welding Bench top

The Garage – DIY Welding Bench

Today I’m going to share an update of the DIY welding bench build which I started over the weekend. Firstly, let me be honest, this is not exactly the bench I wanted – however without

Electrical cabinet door closed

Ok Google, let’s get started with home automation.

As with most things, by the time I realised home automation was something I wanted to do with my house it was far too late to do it the easy way. This means my only

Fupa cups photo

TNG update – Half way through 2018? Damn!

Hello, don’t you just hate it when you work on a few ‘little’ projects around the house and all of a sudden it’s half way through 2018?! Yeah me too! I honestly don’t know where