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The Nerd Garage is the first Ripe Atlas Anchor in WA

As the title suggests, The Nerd Garage is the First RIPE Atlas Anchor in WA (Western Australia). The best part? Well, this Anchor has been sponsored by RIPE! After building my Home Server Room and

Electrical cabinet door closed

Ok Google, let’s get started with home automation.

As with most things, by the time I realised home automation was something I wanted to do with my house it was far too late to do it the easy way. This means my only

IBM tape library installed in server rack

HomeLab: Time to start racking.

For a while I wondered if this day would ever come, but it finally did and today it’s time to start racking…   With stacks of rack screws & nuts, a room full of servers/switches

The Nerd Garage Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Review

TNG Gadgets – Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Review

Today I’m going to try something new to me, I’m going to give you a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Review!   Last week whilst looking to upgrade my data plan (apparently 13GB isn’t enough for

HomeLab: Server Room Build – Build is complete!

Finally, after a few months of working most weekends the Server Room Build is complete! Let’s add some expression to the “build” part, as you’ll notice… There is still a gaping hole where the rack