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Yellow Honda NSX at Fuji Speedway

Japan 17-18 Holiday Highlights & Lowlights

Rather than the usual tech posts I seem to flood this blog with, today I’m going to go through the Japan 17-18 holiday highlights, good and bad… Yes, unfortunately there’s a bad-ish part to the

Liberty Walk maserati

Japan 17-18 Holiday – Tokyo Auto Salon 2018

Today is the day, I finally get to visit Tokyo Auto Salon! This has been a long time coming & it’s finally the day; I had intended to be attending from Friday, However due to

Japan 17-18 Holiday – Day 12 – Stagea Meet

The day is finally here, we’re heading to a Stagea Meet today! Unfortunately this post comes earlier than other holiday posts due to the fact I have spare time right now… On the 45 minute

The Nerd Garage is going to Tokyo AutoSalon 2018

For as long as I can remember I have dreamed of this and finally, The Nerd Garage is going to Tokyo AutoSalon, my passion for Cars has obviously made many Car related events and places