Sorry for my absence

Sorry, I know it’s been over a year since my last blog post and that is very disappointing for me, when I first started The Nerd Garage it was intended to be a home of all things I do and frequently enough updated but that just hasn’t happened. So much has happened and it’s been a little hectic.

What has been happening?

Okay so where do I start? I scrapped my first car (Nissan Pulsar) as it unfortunately became victim of too much exposure to the elements and was riddled with rust and sun damage. I sold my r32 driftcar and also bought and sold another pulsar to buy something different.

Currently down to 5 cars now, I will write about them in more detail and do some videos too when time/space permits.

A few Japan trips have happened (and one was cancelled due to covid 🙁 )

Huge changes

A new life addition saw me resign from full time employment and start my own thing from home allowing me to be home more with my small but bigger family, and the whole COVID19 pandemic has been really testing for me, but it will pass! It has to, I’ve got a Son and Daughter now!

New Adventures

My main new Adventure in life is my IT Business, I started many years ago but ran in my spare time, it’s now my fulltime gig mainly doing home and small business IT repairs and services with goals to expand to a MSP in the near future. – is my online store that provides a range of automotive related products, check it out if you’d like! I sponsor our main local drift events run by Drift School WA where I also double as an event photographer to get more practice haha.

What is happening with The Nerd Garage?

I am genuinely hoping that now I have the ability to work from home that I will be able to dedicate some time to this Blog / YouTube channel etc, I’m currently trying to catch up on my huge backlog of projects around the house such as the attic, offices for my partner and I etc.

I’ve got a LOT of photos to go through and edit from a few Drift events here in Perth (sorry to all the drifters who I have letdown lately!) and Ebisu Matsuri from November last year. I will not share them here I am looking to host them online on a dedicated site, Keep your eyes out of those.

Server Room / Shed?

So, the server room is running slightly, haven’t had everything run at once because I really don’t want to cover the running costs of the excessive amount of 11th gen dell servers, so a upgrade and consolidation is on the cards for that! Update coming soon. On the shed front, I’ve progressed quite far I have approval and purchased a 7m x 7m shed with quite high walls to allow hoist and mezzanine storage. The concrete slab was poured a few weeks back and now I just have to wait for the shed builders so finish up their backlog of work and get to mine, Excited is an understatement.

Moving from WordPress?

For the last year and a half I’ve been tossing up if moving away from WordPress is an avenue I want to take, I really want to move to a static content blog and I’ve decided on Gatsby – but I have yet to learn enough about it to design a site and fine tune it to my liking. It’s coming, I just don’t know when.

I think that is about it for now, but please keep checking out The Nerd Garage for new posts which I promise will come more frequently.

One last note, if anyone needs any Ripe Atlas credits, I now have over 400 Million which I am happy to donate to reasonable causes!


Posted by Brendan

An IT system Administrator from Australia, technology guru and Automotive enthusiast/wanna be mechanic.

  1. Hey!
    Can I contact you somehow (email or maybe on reddit even?) to talk about your server garage?
    I’m also in the planning phase of building a server cabinet inside of my garage.

    Would be nice to get some insight from somebody who didi it before!


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