HomeLab: Christmas break plans + new parts

Two more days of work, then my Christmas break begins.

I Originally booked my annual leave with the intention of going to Japan this weekend. However,  my girlfriend advised there is no chance our daughter is missing Christmas with the family…

Understandable I guess, having a metric sh*t ton of stuff to still do at home I saw the positive side of my shortened Japan holiday.

HomeLab time! Nearly two full weeks of it, brilliant. I could use that time badly, hopefully it will all be finished before we head off.

Saturday morning I will be paying a visit to Bunnings (hardware store) for a great Australian snag and to buy the last few things I need.

Really, all that’s needed is some more plasterboard screws, a man hole & compound and tape to finish the plasterboard.

As it currently stands, I am going through the initial configuration of esxi and the networking side of things on my office work bench; This had become quite the mess…

Server wire spaghetti

Over the weekend just gone I had to do something about this, it became too much of a cluster f+ck to manage.

Cleaner, kinda..

HomeLab: Christmas break plans + new parts 5

Late afternoon Facebook scroll supplied me another offer I couldn’t turn down. Originally I was looking for dual port mellanox cards on ebay. However the other day I came across 4 x single port mellanox X2 cards locally for only $25 aud each… Score!

4 new connect x2 cards

Not wanting to waste time, I threw them straight in and test them. Unfortunately I haven’t recently done another much needed fiberstore order, so I had to test individually.

Connect x2 installed

Also having been on the lookout for rails for these servers, but having no luck at all unless I am willing to pay in excess of $100 a set… F*ck that…

I have contacted a few sellers in the US and am waiting to hear back on shipping quotes, however it could well still be cheaper getting locally.


That is where I am at as of now. Stay tuned for more Server Room Build posts over the next week or two!

Oh, Japan in 14 days… Im super excited, if you like Japan or Japanese cars you should follow me on my social media accounts linked on this page.

I will be posting live streams from Tokyo AutoSalon 2018 as much as possible.

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