HomeLab: Fibre Runs – Never again! Nope.

To say i’m not really enjoying life at the moment is an understatement, due to excessive exposure to Fiberglass slivers (roofing insulation) – I’ve always been the type of guy to slack off with protective gear and always regret it later.. well I think ill pay someone to do the fibre runs next time.

My whole body is itchy and rather painful and my throat is irritated quite badly also – will definitely be investing in disposable coveralls and face masks before continuing this task!

Anyway.. to the point, The weekend just gone I climbed up into the roof space to install some lighting and begin running my fibre runs from my office to the Server room ( roof pics to come).

Fibre Wall Plate 1

* the 2nd conduit hole is for 240V run to the UPS its much easier to store it in the server room rather than taking up floor space in my office.

I guess the fibrestore wall panels aren’t made to match Australian setups which is a pain and ill eventually replace with another wall panel but this will suffice for now.

The wall conduits provided by my builder were a lot smaller than I expected and I had a bit of binding issues with the 2nd fibre pull was done, however the run was successfully completed  (I purchased 2 x OM4 bend insensitive cables to deal with the fact i might have some slight angle issues with my runs).

Once my recently purchased Chelsio S320E-LP-CR & Unifi Switch 16 XG arrives ill be able to confirm that the run was in fact 100% success.

The server room is just running a single gateway (pfsense running on an old checkpoint utm-1 570 spec’d up with a Pentium 4 & 4Gb Ram) at the moment until the Air conditioner and ventilation is installed -then ill look to move the hardware I like in there – Yes the old checkpoint is dispensable.


-Update, Have since changed this plate, looks a lot better now, Better pics to come!

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