HomeLab: Hardware – PT 1 – upgrading R610’s

Today I went about upgrading R610’s that I collected last week.

The one unit that came with Dual E56** and 8GB ram has been upgraded to a Dual X5650 with 128GB Ram.

Prod01 server

This matches nicely enough with the existing host which is 2 x E5540’s & 128GB ram. I will upgrade this host to some X5650s when I get time too, to save having to use EVC.

Unfortunately, having decided to upgrade the VDI cluster machines to dual processor’s means I need to purchase 3 x heatsinks and 3 x additional fans. I’m waiting for these to arrive from ebay, hopefully soon.

CPUs and memory for upgrade

However, I didn’t let that issue stop me from updating all the firmware and checking ram configuration is okay… Had plenty of heatsinks and fans between the 3 servers.

Each of the 3 VDI nodes has 2 x E5540’s and 96GB ram. I need to purchase more disk caddies, more drives & suitable disk controller but that’s another problem for later… Prod is my concern for now.

Not overly happy about having one supermicro host and one Dell host as my production cluster as I personally would prefer all hardware in a cluster to match exactly… However it is what it is!

Next issue to tackle was networking… Oh boy, that was a mess!

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