HomeLab: Hardware – PT 3 – Building the vSan cluster

Last night I directed my attention to building the vSan cluster, which would be used as a test lab/slight prod VDI setup.

However, prior to closely inspecting the vSan host licence provided by VMUG Advantage, I set out to purchase another R610… It wasn’t until after I had 4 x Dual processor servers that  I intended to use for my vSan cluster… That I realised,  VMUG only offer 6 processor licenses for vSan.

Well damn, it doesn’t make much sense to me to build a 3 node vSan now. As my only real reason for running a vSan lab at home was to replicate (in a way) the production VDI vSan we use at work.

To implement it at home is going to cost quite a bit more money upfront. I will need to purchase multiple controllers that’ll allow pass-through, also more disks.

However, all is not lost. I decided to throw the 4 hosts intended for my vSan cluster onto my prod cluster until I revisit vSan later down the track.

I present to you, the 6 host HomeLab.

6 host prod cluster

The spaghetti shot!

Server wire spaghetti


It’s a shame that I’m not able to get the vSan cluster sorted now. But with my holiday to Japan only 3 weeks away, I really need to stop spending money here. So I have more money to spend there!

I think I might buy my drift car some good bits.

On the plus side, adding 4 more hosts to a cluster does look good in the specs.



Prod cluster specs


Prod resources now


*obviously no additional storage has been added yet.

This might be my last HomeLab post until I get back from Japan.

However, maybe I’ll do some more on the Server Room Build over the coming weeks…

No promises though.

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