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As my Server Room will be accessible without having to gain access to my house directly, Lab security was a key factor in my build. From both a Security and Safety point of view, Afterall the fact its outside means there will be a lot less telltale signs of any major issues that may require urgent attention (fire for example).

Whilst I surely hope there will never be a fire in my Server Room, it’s always better to be prepared for the worst, than just tell yourself it’ll never happen.

A few key parts that will be involved in my Lab security / Safety setup;

  • RFID/Finger Print access Controls
  • Security Cameras
  • Environment monitoring (Including a VESDA)
  • Fire Suppression system (Inert Gas/100% Argon) – This again is going to be a challenge based on doing it safely as it can kill rather easily!
  • 100% “fire/gas proof”Separation from rest of house (this is a challenge as it’s interconnection).

Now most of these things will be overkill in the eyes of most and a lot of work for specifics, not to mention if I was to purchase some of this at cost price I would 100% be reconsidering but unfortunately I’ve had pretty good access to things through my life from Friends and work places which is very hand and lets face it, doing things overkill is the way I work, so… Yeah.

I will do individual posts on each of the above mentioned parts I think, as they each will have quite a lot if information/detail included, Nothing secret though, so don’t waste your time haha.

A sneak peek!

RFID items

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