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Today was dedicated to Networking – PT 1.
As it was too damn hot here today I decided to let the Server Room build sit for a little bit longer (heck, what’s another week).  I thought I’d tackle something I was a little worried about; Within the comfort of my office.

As all the different functions of these hosts were going to be run on different VLAN’s and I’d had a few issues with this damn LB4M in the past, I was concerned… But this was unwarranted, which I was soon to discover.

To begin, I needed to unwrap a metric shit ton of new patch leads and with the help of my little future nerd, we got it done in record** time.

Big boss inspecting cables

**Unwrapping cables and undoing wire ties whilst holding a 1 year old is definitely interesting…  But it was the fact she wanted to do a pre-inspection of all new cables that slowed us down a bit.


Well, after the big boss did her inspections everything was patched up and I was ready to go!


Cabling new r610s


All plugged in, it was time to  Jump into the LB4M and configure the Vlan’s. *typing rapidly* this should be okay now… Nope, wasn’t working… *fu*cking LB4M!*… 

After analysing the running-config a few times and one coffee later, I’d realised the LB4M wasn’t at fault…

I’d simply messed up by;

1) not configuring the trunk to participate in the new Vlan.

2) missed setting PVID on two interfaces… The two that just happened to be configured for vsphere access…

With my own stupidity out of the way (at least for this part of the job) I moved onto setting up the vCenter and adding the hosts.

Didn’t take long until that was sorted and I still had some time before bed,  so I figured I’d take a moment to get another thing off the list.

VMware integrated Containers.

Installed as expected, but initial configuration against an external Platform Services Controller seems to fail.

Quick google-fu gave nothing relevant, as I’m running the latest version that should work without issue, so I went to bed.

That’s a job for another day!

With so much more to do there will be many more blog posts to come.

Stay tuned!


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