HomeLab: Racking and cleanup of the Server Room

Got into a bit more Racking and Cleanup of the Server Room today.

Tomorrow I finally get aircon installed in some important rooms of the house (Office, bedroom and lounge) – Unfortunately still a month or two away from having the spare money to aircondition the Server room, However it will happen!

I decided that rather than storing a bunch of servers in my office and wasting space, I would just start with the Server room racking!
This afternoon i went through and cleaned up the junk in the room and put all the panels back on the Rack and left it at that, Over the next few weeks I will add more pics and rambling as it happens I suppose.

Well.. lets get onto what you came here for, Server room Racking Photo’s!

Looking in from outside – Rather decent sized room – Once I have my hot and cold sides setup ill look at adding some draws or something to the side wall to store stuff i don’t need in the office much, It will make passing the rack a bit harder but I don’t imagine ill do that much anyway.

rack view 1 rack view 2 rack view 3


Enough racking clearance I believe – But time will tell, I may even move it to the right of the room to get some more space away from the NBN enclosure.

Here’s a pic of the NBN enclosure in question.

comms cabinet 1 comms cabinet 2 comms cabinet 3










Temporary router (yes cables are a bit tight, ill swap then when I relocate the Router and continue with the Server room Racking.

pfsense route temp location

And some of the toys. Blackbox will be a steambox one day – the 24 bay Supermicro I have no real use for yet, except the 20 odd  Super Cheap Hitachi UltraStar C10k600 450GB 2.5″ TCG Encryption Hard Drives I bought a few months back- Just dunno what to do!

servers on floor

Hoping to have some spare time tomorrow to finish up racking and cleanup of the floor properly, add a weather shield to the door and seal off the roof as it is currently a little unsealed.

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