HomeLab: Server Room Build – Milestone 1 – Rack is home!

Last night when I got home from work I cleaned up a heap of the mess left from the last weekend of work and then proceeded to what I’m going to call milestone 1, the rack was put in its final resting place, Id prefer to have left it a little longer but apparently storms were coming and the rack was sitting ooutsid,  I can always work around it.

With a very awkward but committed struggle to try and move the full height rack back into the room from outside (I have no outdoor area yet, just outside my Server Room is dirt.. Beautiful dirt and a lot of it!), with the help of some plasterboard offcuts and a lot of heaving it was finally back in the room!

I know I built this room very tight, very very tight.. Luckily I measured just right.. Lets see how close to fucking it all I managed to come.

Rack install tight fit 1

Bear in mind this rack on has rotating wheels on the back side so to get it out of its home is a challenge in itself!

And the other side..

Rack install tight fit 2


But, despite the tightness it all fits so, milestone 1 has been reached and the rack is finally in its home!


Milestone 1 rack is home

Don’t get too excited, there’s still more work than you could poke a stick at to call this successful in any way but it’s progressing quite nicely and I’ve very happy with it so far!

Stay tuned for more!

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