HomeLab: Server Room Build – PT2 – Building begins

Welcome to Part 2 of our Server Room build where the building begins! If you haven’t seen Part 1 yet I’d suggest checking that out first, it’s Here!

After a few months of flipping and changing my mind about the overall design for the server room I think I finally settled on a different layout.

With the new layout I can keep the NBN NTD cool along with the switching hardware for the cameras and wifi, the old design obviously included cooling for the comms rack too, but the new layout allows for better cooling.

I present to you, the new design… Yep, just put it against the other wall, genius right?

Server Room layout

(note: hot aisle will be sealed off, not shown in this pic).

With the challenging parts all ironed out it’s time to get to the easy stuff, putting it all out together!

Being that the right wall of this room is single brick and west facing, this creates big problems in cooling the room effectively, granted once I get my shed built the west facing walls effects of heat on the room will be negligible, however I don’t like to do things in haves therefore I’ve committed.

Part 1: silver sarking.

After going over this a few times trying to work out the best way to install the reflective insulation with an airgap, before I put up the stud wall, finally I came up with the idea of using pine lengths glued to the bricks (most likely how it’s normally done, but I’m a computer tech so it took some time to think of this).


Anyway, a few very dodgy cuts on my makeshift tablesaw


and we were off and racing.


Insulating wall


Thats all for today’s post.

Stay tuned for more server room build updates, next time we will be looking at additional roofing insulation and putting in suitable barriers to separate the server room roof space from the remaining house roof space, then its time to build the frames! /excite


On another note: had to cancel one of my nbn providers due to very poor service (non existant) over the last month, sad times as they were good in the beginning 😣 back to 200/80.

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