HomeLab: Server Room Build – PT3 – Building continues

Hello, let’s get straight into it as the Server Room building Continues.

But if you haven’t yet read them, I’d suggest you check out Part 1Part 2

With my trusty and I use this term loosely, nail gun I set off to framing the external side wall of the server room.

Whilst enjoying my neighbours setting up and testing for their planned Saturday night party, belting out really bad renditions of some of today’s greatest jams all the way to Abba’s greatest hits on their karaoke machine, I cranked up the compressor and drop saw a got to work.

I’m going to be the first to admit that heat and I aren’t friends, so in the name of dressing appropriately for the task at hand I found myself feeling like I’d taken a quick step into the devils lair, however I kept on it and within a few hours I had smashed through it.

Delayed slightly by the fact I’d obviously disturbed a wasps nest in one of the weep holes whilst drilling into the concrete, it seemed every time I went outside to cut more wood I’d be greeted by a few friendly wasps wanting to watch me run off like a big girl.

But all in all, after a good days entertainment between the neighbours singing and the wasps making me look like a pansy I got the wall up!

External facing server room wall


Now I’m faced with the challenging decision of where I should put the aircon, originally I had planned on putting it on the external wall, that would make sense for the most part.

But when I realised I’d eventually be selling this place and I’m sure very few people will want to buy a house with a 7x7m shed and a server room, it dawned on me that I really need to reconsider how to do it without drilling a big ole’ hole in the external wall.

We will get into that another day, when the sever room building continues.

Peace 🤙

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