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Yesterday I made a decent dent of progress on the Server Room Hot/Cold isle framing, being slightly challenged by the rubbish bowed wood I purchase I managed to get through pretty successfully.

Server room Framing

The rack looks like it’s tilting in the photo, which unfortunately I think it is… This is going to cause some issues once the drywall is installed on either side of the framing as I have literally left mere milliliters between either side of the rack for installation, if I do manage to get it in place, I will be leveling the rack using the feet provided, but until then I may or may not be slightly challenged by this issue.

I am glad I chose this design rather than the original left side setup as it makes a hell of a lot more sense now for many factors, including cooling the comms rack and NBN enclosure & makes for better air extraction.

Server room Framing 2

Having decided to not try and mount the Air conditioning unit on the side wall as I would interfere with the Rack far too much I chose what I believe would be a much better spot to install it, right above the entry door to the room blowing air at the rack and comms rack.

To do this, however, I Needed to cut some roofing beams out to allow sufficient head room to do so, as to not be super dodgy I decided I would frame this off properly as you can see in the above photo, to allow me to be happy with my work (yes, I am building this to impress myself also haha).

Below is where the Air conditioning internal until will be mounted, this should how allow sufficient headroom + side space to function correctly.

Server room Framing for AirCon


Unfortunately in my rush to finish up for the day, this section is not very straight at all, however It really doesn’t matter so I’m not even going to waste my time trying to correct it 🙂 Today I will look at finishing off the mounting area, sealing off behind and around the unit dummy fitting the inside unit and then it’ll be ready for plasterboard in a little while.

The final resting place for the rack has been decided, this gives me what I feel is sufficient space at the front of the rack for racking, and slightly tight, but still sufficient space at the rear of the rack.

Distance Between front of rack and Wall

Give or Take 1060mm (Just under 42 Inches) at the front and 800mm (Just over 31 Inches) at the rear, between rails and the wall.

Distance between back of rack and Wall

That is all for yesterdays work, Final pic of the progress 🙂
Server room Framing Photo

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