HomeLab: Server Room Build – PT5 – Framing done!

Over the weekend with a bit of commitment I managed to get the Server Room Framing done.

Unfortunately I was a little challenged by some mildly to highly bowed wood but nothing a bit of weight and/or wedges didn’t fix!

Server Room Framing done pic 1


Either the rack itself or the floor is unlevel so I will need to look into this a little further as it may pose a slight issue when moving the rack in after putting up the drywall, but apart from that there’s a nice snug fit on either side of the rack to accommodate 10mm drywall once I get the required additional insulation in.


That’s pretty much it for woodworking, I still need to frame the rear access door and frame the manhole I created to give me sufficient roof space access if required, as having initially built this room temporarily without roof space access to run the cables and conduit I will never allow myself to not have roof space access again, it’s just too challenging.

Having a decent chunk of framing timber left over I may use this to frame inside the roof cavity which would make separation of the roof space much easier, but I’m not sure I want to do too much work to anymore main structures as one day I do plan on selling this house, or renting it out and I don’t want to try explain what’s going on up there.

Well, time to close the door On the Server Room build for another week!

Server Room Framing done pic 2

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