HomeLab: Server Room Build – PT6 – Plasterboard time!

Early start Saturday morning I headed off to pick up some the hot aisle door & plasterboard sheets to get to work on the Server Room walls and ceiling.

In lovely Australian fashion the temp jumped to 32 degrees by the time I’d gotten home to start working, but I had to commit so I hopped in the sweatbox and got to work!

To not disappoint the unfortunate part of me,  my door measurement was perfect door sized.. But one size of the frame had bowed a little (my own oversight of not putting a few more bolts into the wall played a major part in this) so I spent a few hours trimming and planing the door and frame down to make it fit up nicely (excuse the obvious area I got plane happy…), the door is likely stuck now but I will see soon enough!

Hot aisle door fit

Rememeber folks, Measure twice, cut once! The framing part of this build reiterated that to me multiple times, as the day heats up the ‘it’ll do’ attitude has so much sway on decisions, fighting this isn’t my strong point but I pushed through haha.

After finally deciding on how to Do the raised ceiling area to accommodate the aircon unit I adding the additional required framework ready for next weekends ceiling install.

Server Room raised ceiling frame

With the sheets cut to size it was time to install, not hard right? Cut, glue, fit, screw, rinse and repeat.

One wall down, god I’m smashing through this! This won’t take long at all!

Server Room plaster board installed 01

And that is the end of today’s post!

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