HomeLab: Server Room Build – PT7 – Insulation time!

Well, with the intention of a full day on Sunday to get the external insulation installed and plasterboard all done, I slept until lunch time, bugger!

Apparently I pushed a bit too hard on Saturday, shit happens!

Making sure to spend a lot of time planning and implementing the best possible solution to keep the room cool (west facing single brick wall was a horrible idea to begin with, but these things happen), I’d opted for the airgapped sarking and R2.5 Wall insulation which by my calculations should provide something around 3.6 R rating before you include the wall and plater boards .2R rating (may not be correct just guessing haha).

Wall insulation installed

This insulation sells itself as ‘no itchy & soft’, while that is very true to a degree, not feeling the instant itch left me feeling comfortable to be less worried about contact with my body.. Lets just say, a few unintentional rubs of the insulation on the arms and I was less than impressed with life.

Despite the slight discomfort I was now faced with I kept at it and closed the door on Sunday night feeling like I’d come quite far over the weekend.

Server Room insulated and plasterboard installed

Unfortunately with no light in the space yet I had to use the flash and it’d still a little dusty! (may also notice the ducting at the top, the extraction vent has been installed too.)

Server Room looking out

Still need to do the flushing of the drywall and a whole lot more work but it’s moving along nicely!

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