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While the requirement for a cable raceway wasn’t really all that great, I did need something to lay a few fibre and Ethernet cables. Due to the cost of your typical cable raceway (unless you can find second hand), I couldn’t justify buying new.

So in True Nerd Garage fashion, I set out to find a DIY option.

What I came up with was less than genius; but I’d call it pretty close… Square plastic guttering!

I mocked it up in my mind a few times then visited bunnings to buy the parts.

All up for a little over 50 bucks it was sorted, now it’s time for cutting and installing.


cutting pipes for cable raceway

Yep, my workbench is of the highest quality… You won’t find anything like this anywhere else.

cable raceway mockup

After a quick test fit it was time to cut some openings to allow me to access inside the raceways — afterall, I do need to run cables.

DIY Cable raceway pieces

Dodgy? Yeah I’d call it one of my fines bits of work to date, but does it work? Well yes, it does… Quite well!

cable raceway above comms rack

cable raceway top view

cable raceway into rack

And the inlet to the rack!

cable inlet to rack


Yes, in a different scenario, these bends are not sweeping enough for my liking. However, as I’ll only be running 4 or 5 cat6 & ~4 fibre leads; Which are bend insensitive, It’s not an issue.

If it comes to needing more runs in the future this might need some serious reconsideration.

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