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Today I’ll go into more detail about the cold Aisle isolation…

With the heat & costs of electricity in Australia, I set out to do everything in my power to keep cooling costs and temps down!

To do this, i’d always planned to do a hot/cold aisle configuration. You know, a room, a door, easy right?

Well, not so much when you have a comms rack and an NBN enclosure within a very small distance of your hot aisle door.

I guess it’s really not much different to a normal door, seeing as it is just a normal door… Just the mounting and size has been done with a lot tighter tolerances to allow a better ability to seal and lock in the door.

hot aisle door lock top

Granted, I didn’t put nearly enough effort into finishing the door frame but meh…  no one will see it. I will be completely sealing any end of plasterboard to prevent dust in the room. That’s enough!

Originally, to install the door in stretched the frame slightly to allow me to compression fit the door. This gave me the ability to lock the door in properly and install the inner sealing frame.

hot aisle door seal

With the flashing measured, a double rubbed foam insulation strip was installed all the way around the inside. Then the same on the door which was still locked in place.

hot aisle door with seal

With as much compression as possible without crushing the foam, the flashing was nailed into place all around the door.

It’s safe to say this door will not be leaking!

With that done it was time to remove the door and plane down the frame a bit,  to allow it to actually be put in place without needing excessive force.

I don’t think I got sufficient pictures of this all but sh*t happens I guess.

Door goes in and out without much effort, it’s now time to lock it into place.

After another game of cat and mouse with those pesky wasps (yep.. Still haven’t sorted that out), I’d got both locks installed and the door re-fitted, seal is solid… Good times!

Just need to install both the lock hole covers and the striking plates and that’s another job done.

Well, it’ll need some handles too, but for now the single screw works sufficiently.

hot aisle door lock 2

Yes, the little hole is the bottom lock, it’s not a keyed lock it’s just a x key.

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