HomeLab: Temporary Lab setup, I wanted to play!

Very slowly but surely the HomeLab Is also coming along okay, although this is only my temporary lab, it’s still fun 🙂 … – Was short-lived..

New 4u comms rack arrived a few days ago and has been mounted and populated for the better part already please ignore the dodgy wiring, I’m making do for now :p

4u comms rack

You may or may not have also noticed the two Ethernet cables coming from the nbn NTD…

Bonded FTTP Speedtest


Not bad… But this is only temporary, I’ve moved from Exetel as the speeds were absolutely rubbish I’ve just got tpg connected and as I still have nearly a month paid for Exetel it’s still active, a quick failover setup on pfsense to make me feel better about myself resulted in the above (it’s worth mentioning 2 days before my tpg connection was sorted Exetel managed to Sort themselves out and Im getting decent speeds right now.

Another photo of the important rack, just cos were discussing the homelab, I don’t think anything has changed at this point?

HomeLab rack V1


As you can see most things were turned off but i wanted to test out the new Unifi toy so I connected it all up and installed proxmox on my virtualisation server (2u supermicro) to try and appreciate the 2 x 10gbps fibre links going to my office.

Due to heat, the fun was short lived – I had to reconsider the temporary lab 🙁

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