Japan 17-18 Holiday – Day 12 – Stagea Meet

The day is finally here, we’re heading to a Stagea Meet today!

Unfortunately this post comes earlier than other holiday posts due to the fact I have spare time right now… On the 45 minute train ride to pick up a car, Unlike the rest of the time so far..  This holiday has been crazy busy to date, lots of walking, train rides, shopping and carrying a 1 year old has really limited my ability to post content unfortunately!

But as this is a family holiday, I’m not sorry, sorry!

I had to buy a baby seat the other day,  as we couldn’t bring one on the plane, luckily Japan isn’t crazy expensive for the most part. Hopefully will be able to pass it onto someone who needs it once we’ve finished with it.

Once I pick the car up, I’ll be heading back to the apartment and collecting  the family then we will be heading for a lunch time meet at Daikoku Parking Area. I’ve been waiting to visit here for as long as I can remember, to say I’m excited is an understatement… However, I am a little concerned about getting lost/confused by the roads. Google maps has so far proven to be inconsistent and sometimes down right incorrect; Wish me luck!

The plan…

I have this car for 2 days of which I plan to drink lots of red bull, pay a lot of tolls and use a metric sh*t ton of fuel. Just driving and making the most of it!

When I return this car, I will be picking up another toy to drive around for a day (and night, 24 hour hire) and to be fair… I’m more excited about driving that one, as they’re rare as sh*t where I’m from; in fact I’ve never seen one In Person, only heard of one existing..

When I have the 2nd car I will be lapping Japan to visit as many Up Garage stores as humanly possible within the day.

There is only 5 more days until Tokyo Auto Salon 2018, getting super excited for this, but a little worried about the ability to capture all the content I like. Due to the batteries I purchased for my gopro having a very dismal lifespan… Once I return home I will be asking for a refund.

Well, that’s me for the day, pictures will come as soon as I find time to edit and sort through them…  Unfortunately I don’t see this happening whilst on the trip which I had originally planned; sorry!

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