Mighty Car Mods visit Perth… Finally! 

Mighty Car Mods finally made it to Perth!

I apologise for the Very late post again, I’m getting good at this aren’t I?

However, in a hope to not let you all down I’ll Start off with an awesome photo shall I?

S14 drift car at mcm Perth meet

Now we’re past that, let’s proceed.

So finally after asking Marty and Moog for many many years to come visit us simple folk from Perth, they finally committed to making the trek over here and to say the turnout exceeded my expectations is an understatement!

I run the Perth MCM fans page on Facebook and whilst the event for the MCM Meet got a little bit of attention this was nothing like what I saw at the event, quite a few cars on track and plenty of track time made for a great day.

Unfortunately my arrival was delayed due to little human reasons and having arrived 3+ hours late I still had a great time.

Prior to the meet, I was watching the weather forecast very closely and whilst the weather man/lady was claiming raining through-out the day, the rain held off until the day was being packed up, all in all a great day and can’t wait to enter the next one!

Here’s a snap of One of the driving groups lining up, was great to see a big variety of cars out on the track having a good day.

Cars lined up at mcm meet in Perth

Was great to see the boys out on track with super gramps and thanks to a sneaky plan to wear my shirt from Benny’s Custom Works, I had Marty and Moog both take selfies with me ? success!

Goodbye friends!

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