Ok Google, let’s get started with home automation.

As with most things, by the time I realised home automation was something I wanted to do with my house it was far too late to do it the easy way.

This means my only option is to retrofit, Whether it be replacing wall switches with some ‘smart’ switches, or using smart lighting; I guess each have their own advantages and disadvantages, I’m just not much of a fan of either.

My preference is to go down the low voltage route, using a mass of esp8266 devices inside light switch cavities, passing on the switch functions via mqtt to Home Assistant.

Whilst this may still be an option; If time permitted and I want to go down the path of stripping all the current wiring and starting again, I’m sure it’s quite clear that I’m not going to do this! (I hope).

So, the only alternative is to use smart globes and a range of LED strips to cover lighting in the non-critical areas. I’ve spent quite sometime researching the best products to use for this. Whilst the majority of the LED strips and controllers have arrived, I am still waiting on the smart lights to arrive unfortunately.

Once they do arrive I’ll be spending a solid day sitting down with the sonoff devices and all the smart lights & controllers soldering on headers/wires to allow me to flash the devices with a better firmware.


But that’s not all!

Recently I purchased a cabinet that I’m yet to install in the Server room, it doesn’t look like much but this is the heart of a lot of systems!


Electrical cabinet door closed


This cabinet will contain a number of the important stuff for the server room;

  • two 15A lead ins
  • power monitor
  • circuit breakers
  • building access controller

I am hoping to implement a hard wired UPS Bypass system for maintenance purposes, but that will depend on the units themselves and I’m yet to explore this in much detail.

I’ve also purchased a number of sonoff 4ch pro’s which will be used for controlling outdoor lighting and some intricate temp/humidity control in the server room.


Electrical cabinet door open

Don’t fret, Everything will be level, when secured correctly!


As you can see there’s still quite a bit of space for other activities, I wonder what else can go in here!? If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comment Section 🙂

I now feel like this post is very much just a teaser of things to come with the Home Automation project, which I guess it is… Sorry about that.

Don’t worry, the next few posts over the coming weeks will be much more detailed and I’m hoping far more useful to those interested in doing something similar. Unfortunately the delay in parts delivery is causing a bit of a hassle. Heck, I’m still waiting on my Google Home Mini to arrive too 🙁

Thanks for reading!

Bonus content! 🤗

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