New prod cluster

HomeLab: Hardware – PT 2 – Building prod cluster

With another weekend of stinking hot horrible weather, I decided I would build the prod cluster. Now being the proud owner of a total of 11 Dell R610’s,  I decided that my prod cluster should be

All the new R610's

HomeLab: Hardware Milestone 2 – More New Servers…

A week or so ago after reading over the vSan best practices Guide, I decided it would be best to look out for more new Servers. Afterall, is there any point having a vSan cluster if you

HomeLab: Hardware - A look inside the lab! 1

HomeLab: Hardware – A look inside the lab!

After many requests for clarifying my HomeLab hardware I decided it was only right to go through what’s in the lab. So today I will go through all the hardware in detail; with full specs

CPUs and memory for upgrade

HomeLab: Hardware – PT 1 – upgrading R610’s

Today I went about upgrading R610’s that I collected last week. The one unit that came with Dual E56** and 8GB ram has been upgraded to a Dual X5650 with 128GB Ram. This matches nicely

Cabling new r610s

HomeLab: Networking – PT 1 – spaghetti

Today was dedicated to Networking – PT 1. As it was too damn hot here today I decided to let the Server Room build sit for a little bit longer (heck, what’s another week).  I