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Welcome to The Nerd Garage

Hello and welcome to The Nerd Garage! The Nerd Garage was started early 2017, after many years of telling myself I should properly document things like car builds, the HomeLab and all other projects in

Rack Diagram

HomeLab: Racking Progress December 2016

Racking progress December, Last weekend I put a bit more time into racking and put  a few more items to clear up space in my office, I decided to plan out the rack and store

HomeLab: Fibre Runs - Never again! Nope. 1

HomeLab: Fibre Runs – Never again! Nope.

To say i’m not really enjoying life at the moment is an understatement, due to excessive exposure to Fiberglass slivers (roofing insulation) – I’ve always been the type of guy to slack off with protective

pfsense route temp location

HomeLab: Racking and cleanup of the Server Room

Got into a bit more Racking and Cleanup of the Server Room today. Tomorrow I finally get aircon installed in some important rooms of the house (Office, bedroom and lounge) – Unfortunately still a month

Server rack in room 1

HomeLab: It begins, Let the fun commence!

Today, the Homelab begins! Yeah boring I know, but here goes! Back about 10 years ago I bought my very first server Compaq DL380 3u – I plugged it in, in my bedroom which was