HomeLab: Racking Progress December 2016

Racking progress December, Last weekend I put a bit more time into racking and put  a few more items to clear up space in my office, I decided to plan out the rack and store shit in it,  yet nothing but the one checkpoint will be powered on until such time as air conditioning, ventilation and insulation is all installed

Below is a pic of a few more items racked up.

rack with some hardware

And this is the planned rack diagram, most of the hardware is already here, just need to sort a decent ups and keep my eyes out for a 60bay hgst enclosure, currently have my eyes on a couple of APC rt-3000’s with additional battery drawers (overkill I know, but contemplating the idea of using the solar panels to charge during day and offloading some night time usage to the UPS, not sure if this is viable or even good for the batteries – more research required for sure.

Rack Diagram

Yesterday I also signed up for solar panels too, hoping to make use of the Australian sun, hopefully the 5kw system will run the room and air con without any issue

Well thats enough from the Racking Progress December post, keep your eyes peeled for more!

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