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CPUs and memory for upgrade

HomeLab: Hardware – PT 1 – upgrading R610’s

Today I went about upgrading R610’s that I collected last week. The one unit that came with Dual E56** and 8GB ram has been upgraded to a Dual X5650 with 128GB Ram. This matches nicely

Cabling new r610s

HomeLab: Networking – PT 1 – spaghetti

Today was dedicated to Networking – PT 1. As it was too damn hot here today I decided to let the Server Room build sit for a little bit longer (heck, what’s another week).  I

4 new Dell R610's

HomeLab: Hardware Milestone 1 – New Servers!

For a long while now I’ve been on the hunt for new Servers to eventually add to my HomeLab. Late night Gumtree trawling the other night lead me to find someone local offering some Dell

HomeLab: Fixing issue with the proposed network configuration.

After a 3am epiphany about the issues I was facing the with new network configuration,  I dedicated a bit of time to redesigned my proposal. Originally the below was the planned configuration for ‘internal switches’

hot aisle door lock top

HomeLab: Server Room Build – PT9 – cold aisle isolation

Today I’ll go into more detail about the cold Aisle isolation… With the heat & costs of electricity in Australia, I set out to do everything in my power to keep cooling costs and temps