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DIY Cable raceway pieces

HomeLab: Server Room Build – PT8 – DIY Cable raceway

While the requirement for a cable raceway wasn’t really all that great, I did need something to lay a few fibre and Ethernet cables. Due to the cost of your typical cable raceway (unless you

Milestone 1 rack is home

HomeLab: Server Room Build – Milestone 1 – Rack is home!

Last night when I got home from work I cleaned up a heap of the mess left from the last weekend of work and then proceeded to what I’m going to call milestone 1, the

Wall insulation installed

HomeLab: Server Room Build – PT7 – Insulation time!

Well, with the intention of a full day on Sunday to get the external insulation installed and plasterboard all done, I slept until lunch time, bugger! Apparently I pushed a bit too hard on Saturday,

Server Room plaster board installed 01

HomeLab: Server Room Build – PT6 – Plasterboard time!

Early start Saturday morning I headed off to pick up some the hot aisle door & plasterboard sheets to get to work on the Server Room walls and ceiling. In lovely Australian fashion the temp

Server Room Framing done pic 2

HomeLab: Server Room Build – PT5 – Framing done!

Over the weekend with a bit of commitment I managed to get the Server Room Framing done. Unfortunately I was a little challenged by some mildly to highly bowed wood but nothing a bit of