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IBM tape library installed in server rack

HomeLab: Time to start racking.

For a while I wondered if this day would ever come, but it finally did and today it’s time to start racking…   With stacks of rack screws & nuts, a room full of servers/switches

R610 server rails

HomeLab: Finally I can mount servers! Later.

Recently I’ve been stressing about not being able to mount servers anytime soon, due to the crazy prices rails cost in Australia… Things weren’t looking good. However, after visiting Reddit and posting up an ad

HomeLab: Christmas break plans + new parts 1

HomeLab: Christmas break plans + new parts

Two more days of work, then my Christmas break begins. I Originally booked my annual leave with the intention of going to Japan this weekend. However,  my girlfriend advised there is no chance our daughter

6 host prod cluster

HomeLab: Hardware – PT 3 – Building the vSan cluster

Last night I directed my attention to building the vSan cluster, which would be used as a test lab/slight prod VDI setup. However, prior to closely inspecting the vSan host licence provided by VMUG Advantage,

New prod cluster

HomeLab: Hardware – PT 2 – Building prod cluster

With another weekend of stinking hot horrible weather, I decided I would build the prod cluster. Now being the proud owner of a total of 11 Dell R610’s,  I decided that my prod cluster should be