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All the new R610's

HomeLab: Hardware Milestone 2 – More New Servers…

A week or so ago after reading over the vSan best practices Guide, I decided it would be best to look out for more new Servers. Afterall, is there any point having a vSan cluster if you

HomeLab: Hardware - A look inside the lab! 1

HomeLab: Hardware – A look inside the lab!

After many requests for clarifying my HomeLab hardware I decided it was only right to go through what’s in the lab. So today I will go through all the hardware in detail; with full specs

CPUs and memory for upgrade

HomeLab: Hardware – PT 1 – upgrading R610’s

Today I went about upgrading R610’s that I collected last week. The one unit that came with Dual E56** and 8GB ram has been upgraded to a Dual X5650 with 128GB Ram. This matches nicely

4 new Dell R610's

HomeLab: Hardware Milestone 1 – New Servers!

For a long while now I’ve been on the hunt for new Servers to eventually add to my HomeLab. Late night Gumtree trawling the other night lead me to find someone local offering some Dell

Lab No. 1

HomeLab: Let’s go back to the Start. Lab No. 1.

Well, as I have been hard at work and not had a chance to do anything with the Lab Build, I figure I should still post something in case someone is reading, lets lets take