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Welder on DIY Welding Bench top

The Garage – DIY Welding Bench

Today I’m going to share an update of the DIY welding bench build which I started over the weekend. Firstly, let me be honest, this is not exactly the bench I wanted – however without

Fupa cups photo

TNG update – Half way through 2018? Damn!

Hello, don’t you just hate it when you work on a few ‘little’ projects around the house and all of a sudden it’s half way through 2018?! Yeah me too! I honestly don’t know where

Weld weld weld, Time to learn to weld!  1

Weld weld weld, Time to learn to weld! 

So after many years of wanting to learn to weld properly, especially tig but never having the gear available made it a little hard! Last week whilst scrolling through Facebook on the train ride home