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Today I’m going to share an update of the DIY welding bench build which I started over the weekend.

Firstly, let me be honest, this is not exactly the bench I wanted – however without a true working area yet, this is all I can achieve right now and I think it will work fine until the workshop is done.

The original plan was to place a 6mm+ thick steel plate across the top of the formply bench top I had originally, however after watching The Fabrication Series on YouTube I decided to follow his cheap welding table idea; by using RHS (Rectangle hollow steel tube).

Unfortunately, finding Steel that isn’t galvanised is not the easiest thing to do in Perth, so I just took what I could get for cheap which ended up being from a great little Salvage yard (I ended up spending 2 hours here and I still wasn’t able to cover it all!)

Range of items purchased from salvage store

As usual, the daughter was spoilt but including the see-saw (my Daughers play area is going to be wicked!) All this was $260!

The white ducting is to complete the air handling for the Server Room, finally! I’ll cover this in another post later. There is also a complete set of door seals (frame mount rubber compression seals!) I’ve been looking for these for ages and just my luck found them at this shop, very excited to finally be able to seal the room 100% – will cover this in another post again haha.

The overall haul also included the two spans of RHS, a few meters of aluminium flat bar and some mild steel flat bar, and the below bulk lot of fixing and hardware.

Items purchased from salvage store

However, this isn’t relevant to the topic, I’m just rambling as usual but I like to share haha.

Let’s move on…

The welding table.

So, what we’re actually here for, the DIY welding bench build, it isn’t yet complete but it’s very close.

Unfortunately the salvage yard only had 2 spans which covered about half the bench overall so I will need to get more or change things up a little.

Testing fit up of the cut sections of RHS

Im right handed, so this isn’t going to work well, let’s change things up a little.

Welder on DIY Welding Bench top

Business side of things, this metal top will be replaced with some kind of solid top, shortened and cleaned up when I find more RHS. Also I’m loving the cheap but effective DIY PVC welding rod holders one of the best things I’ve done to free up space!

The end(ish) result…

RHS tubing mock fit up

The tubing will be notched so it’s level with the bench top I decide on using on the right hand side, I’m still unsure if I want to weld most or all of these tubes to the frame yet. For practicality, some removable sections would be useful for exhausts and stuff, but to be honest the bench is just too small to really do big welds anyway!

Unfortunately I’ve had to put the bench on hold for a few days as I’m getting the extra car park/service area concreted (down the side of the house) as its currently all dirt still.

Once it’s finished I’ll share some more pics and test welds on The Nerd Garage Instagram page!

Thanks for reading!

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