The Nerd Garage is going to Tokyo AutoSalon 2018

For as long as I can remember I have dreamed of this and finally, The Nerd Garage is going to Tokyo AutoSalon, my passion for Cars has obviously made many Car related events and places high on my to-do list.

Tokyo AutoSalon has always sat neatly in first place (I guess my love for Japan combined with My obsession with Japanese Cars and Jap tuning styles is the key to this), followed by Sema which I’m hoping to be able to attend and cover in coming years!

After having visited Japan in April last year, it was a bit of a challenge convincing my partner that we should go back so soon, especially with a new addition to our lives and with little to know real plans set in stone yet, However I am quite lucky to be with someone who is supportive of all of my passions.

With a bit of arm twisting, I was able to get this sorted and just after Christmas Day my partner, our just over 1 year old daughter and I Will be boarding a plane destined for Haneda!

Having 20 days in Japan and very little plans other than AutoSalon,  the main goal will be to catch up with all the great people I met last year,  also hoping to find a few other car meets, including a few night drives to Daikoku PA to capture some hidden Japanese Gems.

Keep your eyes out on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for daily Japanese content and hopefully live streams of Tokyo AutoSalon from the 12th Jan 2018.

Posted by Brendan

An IT system Administrator from Australia, technology guru and Automotive enthusiast/wanna be mechanic.

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