Weld weld weld, Time to learn to weld! 

So after many years of wanting to learn to weld properly, especially tig but never having the gear available made it a little hard!

Last week whilst scrolling through Facebook on the train ride home I saw a post for a tig, barely used, with a ton of tips, boxes of rods on a trolley for $500 bucks, I Instantly jumped on this as it seemed like a bargain seeing as the tig alone is 1300 brand new! 

A few hours later I saw another post from the seller (he’s moving overseas so is selling a ton of stuff from his shop) he also had a mig up for sale, it’s an older unit but a good one, chasing 300 for it, so back to PM, made a deal and got them both for $700!

Headed down to his shop yesterday with an extra Hundred in my pocket, just incase, glad I did!

$750 dollars out of pocket, I left with:

  • an almost new tig
  • a used but good quality mig
  • a box of stainless tig rod
  • a box of aluminium tig rod
  • Multiple tig tips
  • 3 spools of mig wire
  • 2 welding trolleys
  • A metal drop saw
  • A face shield
  • A welding helmet
  • Bench vice

Also was loaned two rental gas bottles for a few months to get me started?
Bargains.. I love bargains!

Now it’s time to stop spending and saving spending money for Japan, 5 more months!

Late October update, still haven’t used either of these machines 😂 one day I genuinely do intend on making time to learn to weld.

Posted by Brendan

An IT system Administrator from Australia, technology guru and Automotive enthusiast/wanna be mechanic.

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