Welcome to the official build blog of WgnZilla.
After having many little snippets of it on a number of different forums I thought this would be a better place for it, as TNG is going to be a long time commitment, sure beats losing it when forums/hard drives die!

WgnZilla Day 1

So, a little about this little big bundle of joy, a slight upsize from the trusty N14 Pulsar thats for sure, I was given an opportunity and I took it, wasn’t exactly the best stagea on the market, but all in all a tidy example of an S2 RS4 DAYZ edition Stagea none that less.


The Pulsar  was put in the shed (this is where it has lived ever since then…) and the new love got all my attention, after all, who doesn’t love an AWD?


Started with simple mods such as a turbo back exhaust, lowered a little and then the all important jdm as fu*K stickers 🤙.


Read some of the other posts to see what has happened in the 5 and a bit years since I purchased it 🙂