TNG update – Half way through 2018? Damn!

Hello, don’t you just hate it when you work on a few ‘little’ projects around the house and all of a sudden it’s half way through 2018?! Yeah me too!

I honestly don’t know where my head is at right now, it feels like just over a month ago I got back from Japan but some how 5 months have passed, if this is how quick Time goes once you have a kid I wanna go back lol.

Enough of my life realisations, I guess it’s time for a project update.

Let’s first look at the biggest project I currently (still…) have;

WGNZILLA – C34 Nissan Stagea RS4.

Now this is a long term project, you can read more about it and the whole build soon enough at its dedicated project page Wgnzilla – Nissan C34 Stagea. However after a very long hiatus due to life and stuff getting in the way I have finally begun working on it again.

Over the last few weeks I’ve just been sorting out the massive to-do list more than anything and started the mock up of all the bits and pieces.

WGNZILLA Rb26 covers installed

As most of the cabling ties were old and junk looking I found a supplier and ordered new ones in, they arrived the other day so I’ll be back to it next weekend. I am also unhappy with the old tape/conduit harnesses in the bay so I am going to replace all the visible wiring with black braided sleeving and heatshrink just as an additional layer of tidyness.

Enough about This, if you want to read more you can view the build in far more detail here – > WgnZilla


The Nerd Garage – Garage Update.

Unfortunately I still haven’t had a chance to submit planning approval for my Workshop, nor have I saved enough cash but that’s another story all together; So until such time as that is funded/approved/built my garage is my 2 car attached Garage as previously seen.

I’ve finally sorted out sufficient permanent lighting on The work benches which is a massive help. 2 lights above each bench and one on an extendable arm in the far corner, this covers the toolbox normally and can be extended to light up the front of the cars (if reversed in). Here’s a quick gif of the lighting.

LED lighting demo

Before heading to Japan over Xmas I posted an update about two welders I picked up for a good price, however. I was unable to use either due to them being 15A units and not having 15A wall plugs in the Garage. This was rectified last weekend after a few setbacks, so it’s nearly time to begin to learn to weld so I can do a lot of my Own work and save some moneys (or spend more on welding toys and stuff which it seems is more likely).

Last weekend I had my first attempt and welding, unfortunately with insufficient tools at the new place I couldn’t even grind the tungsten nearly which just turned everything to shit.

A little visit to the local hardware store resulted in spending a Lot more than intended when trying to buy a simple bench grinder, this is why I try to avoid shops…

Then the cup broke… I have no spares, so I set about buying some good ones as seem on many many online videos and posts.

I present to you, my new fupacups!

Fupa cups photo

The kicker…

These cups need an adaptor kit to be used on the Tig I have, which requires a thicker tungsten than I have… I’ve ordered more but this is gonna have to wait now too…


Better parking for the projects!

If you’re a new reader/not familiar with my blog or Instagram account (follow me by the way! TheNerdGarage Instagram) this probably means very little to you, however I finally have a decent amount of cover for 2 more projects.

It’s not yet finished as there was some mix-up in the manufacturing but it’s close. Then I’ll need to fabricate some side panels to seal in the area down to the Garage.

Unfortunately Australian Building codes/standards prevent building to the fence line on many things; Having the posts on fence line required a planning application and approval from neighbouring properties to get the space needed.. Then there’s the water management headache that needs to to be managed.

The roof cannot be on the fence line… Damn this country!

TheNerdGarage parking area

The entertaining area will be rather nice too once completed, paving is commencing in the near future.

Trying to clear a path for the installers lead to getting TNG Drift Car a little bogged. It can stay there for a little while longer I guess.

half way through 2018 Bogged TNG R32 drift nugget skyline


The Server Room


I assume the majority of readers are here just for this, so I am sorry to say… Nothing has happened as of yet…

Some additional hardware bits (new PDU’s & power outlets as below) and just need to get the sub board installed and wired up for the PDU’s and Air conditioning.

One day soon I hope.

New 15A APC PDU's


Other than that, nothing much to report. The attic is still a slow build like everything else. But I am hoping to be able to smash through some things sooner than later!

Oh, I did build a small dev server for my office but that can be a post for another day.

Thanks for reading.

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